Earthquake Safety Projects

Ground Investigations

  • Application geophysical, geological and geotechnical methods to present or designed buildings
  • Carrying ability
  • Resistant, swinging with earthquake effects
  • Conditions of water, rust effect in the building by shallow water
  • Type, equipment of foundations, length and width of buildings

Can be found and the static, dynamic behaviours of buildings are determined

Conditions of porters
1. Determination of concrete specifications

  • Taking carot from concrete elements by sampling
  • Correlationing between laboratuary and Schmidt Hammer equipments and preparing material quality reports

2. Determinig cracks

  • Experiments done by Ultrasonic Voice Test Equipment

3. Determination of concrete soil type

  • Electromagnetic soil analysis (EM38)

4. Condition determination of the equipments

  • Determination of equipment, iron, diameter units and spaces at iron
  • Pachometer Equipment and x-raying

Conditions of construction statics

  • Determination of the harmony between statics projects and application projects
  • If there is not static project, preparing new project
  • Exposing the mathematical model of the buildings by using equivalence static and dynamic analysis methods to eqarthquake scenarios
  • Determination displacements and building periods
  • For necessary conditions, designation of capacity by using push-over analysis
  • Investigation of resistance capacity and limit of every element

Repairing Projects

If there are damaged, cracked and corrosioned places in the buildins

  • Application of epoxi resin
  • Application of steal lame
  • Application of carbon lifted textile

Strengthening Projects

  • Adding concrete curtains
  • Saving colons and beams
  • Steal crosswising at opened balconies For strengthening foundations
  • Injections for cavities
  • Stake pounding, taking away groundwater by using dreinage

Guarantee Investigations

  • Examinations of the results scaping 2007 Earthquake regulations
  • Investigations of site differantion with applications
  • Preparing guarantee reports

After strengthening project is approved, preparing report of earthquake safety report for buildings